Grenco and Pizzanista collaboration

Founded in 2011 by skateboard pioneer Salman Agah, Pizzanista! is more than just a pizza shop, embracing artists, skaters, bands and the community through special events and collaborations.

This limited edition G Slim vaporizer kit is delivered packaged inside a flocked black-light-reflective mini pizza box, and includes a pizza slice shaped grinder, rolling tray, two commemorative 3D magnets, and a resealable bag. The Pizzanista! G Slim battery comes equipped with 3 separate tanks for ground material, liquid, and concentrates, and includes a USB charger. To accompany the kit, a limited edition Pizzanista! x G Pen t-shirt is available now!

In the past Grenco has had a series of collaborations such as Snoop Dog, Badwood and Santa Cruz. The Snoop Dog collaboration saw a special edition of the G Pen ground material vaporizer; for the Badwood collaboration a special edition of the G Pen Elite vaporizer was created; while for the Santa Cruz Shredder collab a personalized G Pen Grinder was designed.


Author: mariaj420

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